Glass railings

Glass railings are mostly used in public places (shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hotels). They are also actively used in residential premises, as well as on balconies and terraces.

Glass railings of balconies and terraces.

If you want to experience a breath-taking feeling of open space every time you step on your balcony, loggia or terrace have glass railings installed!

Glass railings for staircase.

In modern design, glass railings are often used for stairs. These enable to design products that combine reliability, durability and safety. At the same time, the elegance and feeling of free space is fully preserved.

Advantages of glass railings for balconies, terraces and staircases:

  • safety - the strength of railings is not compromised by any decorative materials used in the product;
  • easy to use - the design does not need any special care - just occasional washing; transparent glass railings of a balcony or terrace increase visibility and ensure maximum natural lighting;
  • high decorative qualities - you can order terrace or balcony railings of coloured or frosted glass, as well as glass with printed pattern;

STEKLO provides high-quality installation of glass railings in Tallinn, Tartu and throughout Estonia, with shortest lead times and considering all the wishes of the customer.

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