Office and interior glass partitions

Modern office glass partitions provide an ideal solution for room zoning, as glass partitions, in particular, preserve the integrity of an open space. With the help of such structures, you can easily and efficiently design the space of commercial premises. In addition, office glass partitions allow to divide a room into separate functional areas, creating most comfortable working conditions for the staff, while maintaining the privacy of individual departments. This solution looks spectacular, is practical and helps reduce noise. Office glass partitions provide the created zones with sound insulation of up to 30 dB. This indicator is the limit value for office space, so that staff can work productively without being distracted by outside noise.

Besides offices, these systems are widely used for zoning the space of shops, shopping and entertainment centers, restaurants and cafes. They can be used in premises with various functional purposes, where space needs to be divided into separate zones.

The layout of residential premises in the “urban jungle” often leaves us to wish for more and better. In small rooms, there is often not enough space for comfortable living. Interior glass partitions allow you to redesign your home without time-consuming and dusty work. Glass walls help you save every millimetre of useful living space.

Glass partitions have the following advantages:

  • installation of the structure does not require complex or expensive preparatory work; thanks to this, sliding glass partitions for offices can be installed quickly, easily and accurately;
  • durability and reliability - fragile looking glass walls can withstand significant mechanical stress; the use of tempered glass with a thickness of 8 to 12mm ensures high operation safety of premises;
  • easy to clean - it is very easy to keep glass partitions clean; for this, use-cleaning agents intended for glass surfaces;
  • aesthetically attractive - you can choose from a variety of artistic glass processing methods that allow you to create individual design objects; you can place a brand logo and company logo on the glass surface; as an option, you can have lights or blinds installed;
  • low weight - glass partitions can be fixed to any wall, including non-bearing structures;
  • environmentally friendly thanks to glass’ inertness against different chemicals - the systems do not emit unpleasant toxic odors;

STEKLO provides high-quality installation of office and interior glass partitions in Tallinn, Tartu and throughout Estonia, with shortest lead times and considering all the wishes of the customer.

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