Glass partitions for showers and bathrooms

Modern glass shower enclosures are a practical solution for any bathroom. Glass shower enclosures will not only allow to effectively divide the bathroom into zones, but also create an airtight structure. Such solution will provide full protection of the premises from splashes on the walls and floor. With glass enclosures, you can have a shower of any size. It created according to individual designs, taking into account the features of the layout and dimensions of the room. Thanks to this, you can order a design that fits perfectly into your space.

Advantages of glass enclosures for a bathroom and shower room:

  • glass, unlike other materials, has high hygienic qualities, which prevent the formation of fungus and mold on its surface;
  • unlike plastic products, glass shower enclosures do not grow cloudy, do not get scratch marks and they retain their original appearance for a long time;
  • they provide good tightness thanks to the use of special elastic seals;
  • the use of 8 or 10mm tempered glass ensures the highest safety;
  • the glass surface can be decorated using different methods (transparent, frosted, frosted with a pattern, tinted, photo printing);
  • glass shower enclosure visually expands the space, making the ceiling look higher and the room larger and more spacious;
  • the fittings, hinges and other structural elements used are non-corrosive;

STEKLO provides high-quality installation of glass shower enclosures in Tallinn, Tartu and throughout Estonia, with shortest lead times and considering all the wishes of the customer.

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