Frameless balcony and terrace glazing

The design of frameless glazing system STEKLO is based on supporting aluminum profiles (top and bottom), which are attached to the railing or floor of the balcony or terrace and to the ceiling board from top.

The glass panel is glued into the glass profiles, which have four rollers (two on top and two on the bottom).

The structure uses tempered glass with a thickness of 6 to 10mm and polished edges. The selection of glass thickness depends on the height of the opening, as well as on the wind load.

Glass panes can be folded like a “book” and moved to either side, opening the entire balcony or terrace. balcony

The advantages of frameless glazing:

  • glazing without frames and vertical racks between the panes allows for maximum sunlight to beam inside; frameless glazing is a must for rooms with a view to the sea, forest or garden so you could enjoy beautiful landscapes every day;
  • increases the useful area of the house, by turning a usual terrace or balcony into a highly functional and comfortable zone;
  • the frameless glazing of the balcony, terrace or other structures is easy to use: all panes move in one direction and do not take up much space; the panels can be moved at any angle, so you can practically glaze any structure of any configuration;
  • as the panels open inwards and are securely fixed, it is also easy to wash them;
  • frameless glazing system is very durable and consists of aluminium profiles and tempered glass; the system withstands significant mechanical loads, such as strong gusts of wind;
  • you can order the glazing of a terrace, veranda or any other large-sized structure with a maximum height of 3m and maximum width of panes — 700mm;
  • glass, fixtures and profiles are designed for long-term operating conditions, and glass panels do not wear out; frameless glazing does not require additional maintenance after installation;
  • the frameless glazing system reliably protects a balcony or terrace against heavy rain and strong wind; the gaps between the panes are closed with a silicone sealant to prevent any leakage;
  • helps reduce heat loss up to 15%;
  • improves the sound insulation of the room by about 15 - 20dB;
  • protects against birds, insects and dust;

STEKLO provides high-quality glazing of balconies and terraces in Tallinn, Tartu and throughout Estonia, with shortest lead times and considering all the wishes of the customer.

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